Join us and other local businesses as we gear up in the town of Mooresville today for the Mardi Gras Block Party. Food, fun, balloons, beads, walking, eating, drinking, munching, and of course "more".  What is anything without the words "and more" tacked to the end?  You hardly will ever see a sign or listen to an ad on the radio or see something on TV that doesn't say "and more". What is "and more"?  They couldn't tell you in the description?  Do they think you can't handle the actual description of what is "and more"? Maybe they don't know either. Maybe they are so lazy as to not come up with a concise, cogent explanation as to what they are trying to explain. Or perhaps they haven't the requisent vocabulary and grammatical skills to intelligently construct a proper advertisement. I think this is the case, and more.